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Things are going to get wyrd round these here parts...

It seems to me that I go through a "phoenix" moment around the same time each year, and this year is no different.

I'd taken a step back from social media lately, as I was trying to get my squirrels in a row, and didn't want to keep having the influence of others affect my thought processes. Social media can be great for inspiration, but it can also stifle our own inspiration - when we continually listen to the voices of others, our own can become obscured.

Prior to this point, my social media channels and my website have been about only art.

However this is just one fractal of what I do and how I spend my time and energy.

One thing that I do know about myself is that I hate to be told what to do. I cannot standing being told that there is only one way to do business, or that to be taken seriously as an artist, that I have to embody something that someone else is selling, or that worked for them.

Everyone is full of opinions about how to do things. And we spend a lot of time sourcing answers for ourselves externally.

But how often do you go within, and trust your own wisdom? Your own innate intelligence and intuition?

I've been on a journey this last 15 years of getting back in touch with myself and my inner knowing. And that inner knowing is telling me that I am a rebel, and i don't do things by the book. And in order to be fully me, I have to carve my own way in the world - I have to bring all of what and who I am into the world without shame, without apology. I am meant to are up space in my own unique way, unmired by projection, expectation and opinion - as are all of you.

I am an artist.

I am also magical as fuck.

I paint.

I use herbal medicine.

I do candle magic.

I read oracle cards (and you can book readings with me, too).

I am a reader of souls and past lives.

I am a wyrdsmith.

I am a weaver of colours and energy.

I use a pendulum every day, and I talk to animals, plants, stars and other beings - and they talk back.

So if you've been following me, and you aren't comfortable with weird and magical shit, then I thank you for your support til now and send you much love, however it may be time for us to part ways!

If, however, you're up for a magic carpet ride, then stick around and evolve with me into the beautifully weird, eccentric, amazing soul that you truly are meant to be. And if you'd like to access a little of that magic, go check out some of the recent changes to my website!

Lots of love,

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