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Closeup of eyes of a watercolour pet portrait


A portrait of your pet is a truly wonderful way to celebrate the relationship with your furry, feathered or scaled companion. I really love spending time with each portrait, love hearing little facts and anecdotes about the quirks, habits and foibles of your pets, and love to stare into the eyes of the photograph you provide me to really bring a sense of life to each portrait. Getting a feel for the character of the subject can really transform the tone of a painting, and each animal wants to be depicted in a different way - crazy as that sounds, I always feel like your companion tells me how they want to be represented, so I simply follow the energy.

One of the things I adore doing is teasing out the hints of vibrant colours that are present in the coat and skin of all animals - a slight iridescence or glow - and to enhance that in the portrait - doing this really does give a sense of vivacity to each piece, and creates a sense of depth so that it almost appears that each piece is popping off of the page.


The quality of the photos I'm provided make a difference to the outcome of the finished piece - that said, I know that sometimes we don't always have the option of re-taking a photograph, so I will always do my best to work with the image you have, and can discuss adapting the style of the piece to accommodate this. 


Pet portraits are available in a few different sizes, from 20x20cm, postcard, A5, A4 to A3.

Prices containing a single subject start from:

20cm x 20cm: £275

A5: £165

A4: from £350

A3: from £625

Prices are for a single subject - for multiple animals or wildlife portraits, please contact me for a quotation. Prices include postage and packaging within the U.K - worldwide shipping available. All art will be sent securely packaged, via a tracked and signed for service. A deposit of 50% will be required to secure your booking.

One thing that I have learned about myself as an artist is that the subject that I am being tasked to paint must excite me or call to me in some way, so that it feels good for me - this ensures that I create the best piece of art possible that truly captures the spirit and emotion of the subject. I work instinctually and believe that creating a beautiful portrait that you feel a connection to, is as much about my connection with what I'm painting as it is about my technical ability.

With this in mind, I reserve the right to turn down a commission that I don't believe I am the best fit for.


These gorgeous miniature portraits are a fabulous way to capture the likeness of your pet - they make a wonderful gift for those who love minimalism, or just miniature art!

I will also create a miniature piece of art of a subject of your choice - not just pets. These pieces can also be embossed in order to create a 3D effect, making them a really special way to honour your pet or create a truly individual piece of art. These pieces are 5cm X 8cm in size. Prices start from £60 plus postage & packaging.


Do you have a fondness for certain animals, a treasured moment, a favourite bloom? Perhaps would like a bespoke memento mori to memorialise a lost loved one?

I love to turn  my illustrative style to virtually any subject, so if you have an idea for a gift or some art you'd love to display, get in touch and let me know what your vision is, and we will work on bringing it to life. Price on application - price depends on subject, size and complexity.

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