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Terms of Service for Commissioned Artwork

Please read the following terms carefully - then click the button below to contact me to book.

1: Introduction

Welcome to Tracy Christina Art. I am so pleased that you're here and considering our services to capture a special moment or pet portrait. By engaging us for a commission, you will be agreeing to the terms below.

2: Our Services

At Tracy Christina Art, I understand how important it is to capture the essence and energy of the moment - the emotion, the spark of life - so I will ask you to share with me any stories or fond memories connected to the subject.

One thing that I have learned about myself as an artist is that the subject that I am being tasked to paint must excite me or call to me in some way, so that it feels good for me, and whilst I will work with you as the client to bring your vision to life, the creative decisions must lie with me and my expertise - this ensures that I create the best piece of art possible that truly captures the spirit and emotion of the subject. I work instinctually and believe that creating a beautiful portrait that you feel a connection to, is as much about my connection with what I'm painting as it is about my technical ability.

With this in mind, I reserve the right to turn down a commission that I don't believe I am the best fit for.

3: Pricing and Payment

My pricing is dependant on the size and complexity of the piece being requested, however I will strive to work with you to meet your budget, within reason. I will provide you with estimated shipping cost at point of commission.

To secure your booking, I require 50% of the total commission cost.

4: After booking - the creative process

Once you have been placed on the waiting list, I will provide you with an approximate start date (this is subject to change depending on my workload). 

I will advise you once I am ready to begin your commission.

I will provide you with intermittent updates along the way should you wish, however please note that art can sometimes appear to go through what artists describe as "the ugly phase" - so updates will not be indicative of the finished piece.

If the finished work does not meet your expectation, you will not be charged further, however the finished piece will remain with me, and I reserve the right to display or resell the piece.

With your permission, I will post progress pictures to my social media channels, unless the piece has been commissioned as a surprise - in that event, I reserve the right to use video and photography of the in progress piece and finished piece for marketing and promotion once it has been gifted.

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