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The countdown is on…

The countdown is on!

To Christmas? Well, yes.

But also...

Isn't it about time I actually released some prints? Yes, I think so too!

First up, we have Lacrimae Rerum - which is Latin for "tears of things".

I created this piece as a tribute to a friend who passed recently. Consisting of a fox skull, Fly Agaric mushroom, and a robin in flight, it is a piece that very much helped me process a lot of grief I felt at the loss of my friend - a loss that many feel acutely, and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Lacrimae Rerum

Second, we have Listen to the Birds Cry.

I created this piece as a tribute to my late father. The dried flowers in this piece were saved from some of the flower arrangements from his funeral. The skull ( a traditional inclusion for a memento mori piece), a reminder of the impermanence of life. The swallows - some of my fathers favourite birds, he would enjoy watching them, and hearing them cry out as they hunted on the wing. As he aged, he was unable to hear the higher pitched cries of the birds as they hunted the moth is a traditional symbol of transformation - a reminder of how life comes from death, and how grief can change us all.

And lastly, we have "She Rises".

This piece very much speaks for itself - the tiger rises from the golden flames, transformed - she knows she has a place in the world, and she's not afraid to carve her own path. She is fierce and unapologetic. This piece is somewhat influenced by one of my favourite artists, Gustav Klimt.

These prints will be available in several sizes, and can be shipped worldwide.

So, when will these prints be available?

Very soon - and most definitely in time for Christmas. Keep your peepers peeled for the countdown!

Much love,

Tracy C

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